So, what might we actually do in a session?

  • Individual sessions
    • To quote The Woodchuck's Guide to Gardening, by Ron Krupp, "It depends."
      Each person and situation is different.  While I may invite you to try different things, we will collaborate on what works for you.
      Here are some examples of what we might do.
  • Couples
    • Both parties don't have to change in order for change to happen; but it sure helps.  I have tools and exercises for facilitating safe and healthy interaction.  I may also have suggestions, but as with anything I share, what matters is whether it works for you.  Try it at home, and I encourage you to follow Bruce Lee's dictum, "Take what is useful; discard what is useless."
      Here are some possibilities for our sessions.
  • Families
    • I strive to consider everyone's needs.  The more parties that are open to listening and trying something different and working together, the more effective our sessions can be.
      Here are some possibilities for our sessions.