Individual sessions

  • Have a chance to be heard and understood
  • Get things off your chest
  • Learn to identify and express your feelings and needs
  • Learn to manage your feelings
  • Practice saying what you want to say, being how you want to be
  • Get a reality check – an objective outside perspective
  • Understand the connection between your past and your present, and come to live in and move forward from the present
  • Understand how your experience is "normal"
  • Understand that there are "good" reasons for doing what you do, but better alternatives may be available
  • Enquire into the truth of any limiting thoughts
  • Understand your different sides, and how to let them be without letting them rule your life
  • Puzzle over dilemmas and the choices available to you
  • Look at what might be getting in the way of change, and debunk any fears
  • Gain clarity on your experience and situation
  • Increase your awareness of how you are responding to life situations by getting in touch with the sensations that manifest in your body, and learn how to be with those sensations without reacting
  • Connect to your motivation for change
  • Identify steps to take, even little ones


Individuals      –    Couples      –    Families