What's got your goat?

  • Your Relationships
    • Got relationship problems?
    • Having communication difficulties?
    • Going in circles or feeling stuck?
    • Frustrated because your partner isn't how you wish he or she would be?
  • Your Self
    • Feeling down?  Feeling depressed?
    • Getting down on yourself for who or what you are?
    • Getting down on yourself for getting down on yourself?
    • Feeling alone or disconnected?
    • Can't stop stressing out on things, big or small?
    • Can't stop reaching into the cookie jar?
    • Lacking the imagination to see how things could be different?

My specialties include helping with the following

  • Your Relationships
    • Communicating and relating more effectively in relationships
    • Mediating safe and productive discussion (couples, families, groups)
    • Increasing your ability to be yourself, and to also let your partner be who he or she is,
      and stay connected in some way through whatever comes up
  • Your Self
    • Improving your sense of self
    • Improving your own capacity to change your experience, whether it’s your perspective, your mood, your behaviors, or your reactions to people and situations you encounter

Here is an elaboration on the above