Introductory questions - download PDF
Questions to help me understand how we might approach your situation together.

Informed consent - download PDF
This psychotherapy disclosure form explains some guidelines and will answer many of your questions about my therapy services. It will serve as an agreement between us.

New client packet - download PDF
Contains all forms rolled into one.  Includes Introductory Questions, Informed Consent, Patient Bill of Rights, HIPAA and Notice of Privacy Practices, "No Secrets" Policy for Family Therapy and Couple Therapy (if applicable), and Consent to Release Confidential Information (if applicable).

Release of info - download PDF
Your authorization for me to break confidentiality for the purpose of consulting with other parties.

Relationship counseling - download PDF
Please read this document before our first meeting. It shares some of my perspectives and helps prepare you for how you might get the most out of couples therapy.

Book list for so-called "communication issues" - download PDF
"This will save you thousands of dollars in therapy". – That's a comment I read on Amazon about Patricia Love's book that prompted me to find out what could possibly make my services irrelevant. I have learned so much from what we might think is pop psychology books & blogs written by real people.

Taking responsibility for your experience - download PDF
Some thoughts from folks all around the world about what it means to take responsibility for your experience.
This can potentially save you a lot of headaches.