I'm human and down to earth in how I relate to people. I don't mystify therapy.

I especially like Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication model as a map for exploring relationships and communication, but I believe that psychotherapy is anything that’s therapeutic for you, whether we do walking therapy, art therapy, or even PhotoTherapy.

I'm willing to consider working with you in whatever way gives you a sense of aliveness and connection to yourself, to others, and to what's meaningful. I also hope to give you a sense of your own empowerment to make changes.

What perspectives and therapy models do I use?
Relational, Mindful-Contemplative, NVC, Cathartic, Existential, Psychosynthesis, Transpersonal, Gestalt, Hakomi, Cognitive-Behavioral, Expressive-Arts, PhotoTherapy, Eco-therapy, and Body-centered work.

Consider this: The word therapist relates to the Greek word therapeuein, one translation for which is to attend.  Am I attending to your needs? Am I an attendant to your process? Will we puzzle over things together? The nature of our relationship is something we will determine together.


Here is an elaboration on my approach


Here is how it might actually look in a therapy session together